Each member of Taylormade is an experienced, professional musician with a great musical background and a real love for music.  It’s always nice to know who’s at your wedding, so here's a little bit more about each of us. 

You can also read about how we began playing music at weddings, and the venues we have performed at in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Oxfordshire.  We have also played as far as Cumbria and Guernsey!

Carley Taylormade Wedding Band


Carley, previously signed to a major record label, has worked alongside some well known producers (Guy Chambers, Stargate, Sony BMG) and was also offered a publishing contract as testament to her song writing ability.

A full time musician, Carley fronts Taylormade Live Band and Acoustic Duo, capturing audiences with her soulful voice and energetic performances. With her first live performance at the tender age of 10, and now with over 20+ years experience at performing live, she definitely knows just how to put on a show!

This means from performing beautiful tracks like 'Amazing Grace' to getting the party going with tracks like '9 to 5' by Dolly Parton, Carley will have you captivated throughout the night!

Carley and Matt (our guitarist) also write their own Indie/Rock music for their original band, SilverSpark.

Matt Taylormade Band


In the 20+ years Matt has been playing guitar, he has also received record label interest with various rock bands and gained extensive experience at performing live. 

Today, Matt is a professional musician, Taylormade's lead guitarist and backing vocalist, bringing with him exceptional musicianship and flair.

Matt is also the other half of Taylormade Acoustic Duo, playing the acoustic guitar to give a really romantic feel the the occasion. In contrast to our live band, our acoustic duo allows Matt to play more intricately, delicately picking the guitar strings to create a beautiful atmosphere for weddings and events.

By the way, in case you were wondering, Carley and Matt are also married!



Matt (yes there are 2 of us!) or 'Hewey' as we call him, is our talented drummer and brings with him a very impressive musical CV.

You’ll also see him spinning his sticks during songs - what a show off!

Along with 10+ years in the music business, Matt captures the magic of the artists we cover and his natural rhythm gets everyone on the dance floor!  

As with the rest of us, Matt loves all kinds of music.  He's also a very capable guitarist in his own right and his dedication, talent and experience makes him the perfect drummer for Taylormade.



Last but certainly not least, Simon is the very talented bass player in Taylormade Wedding Band.

Simon studied bass guitar at The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, so knows his stuff! He’s a very versatile bassist with experience in playing many types of music from Jazz and Ballroom to Rock and Pop.

Simon also writes his own music and has been an integral part of the audio design/development of the very popular video game 'Guitar Hero' which is another big passion of his!