This is what happens when Taylormade Live Band rock your wedding!

This is what happens when Taylormade rock your wedding!

This spontaneous selfie video was taken at Ted and Sara's wedding in Radley, Oxford on 28th July 2018. 

It was about halfway through our set, and we had just started performing 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams when a crazy 'Conga' broke out and I just had to video it!

As you can see the Conga extended throughout the whole tipi, including the Bride and Groom and most of their guests and these guys just couldn't be stopped!

Once the Conga was over you can see Sara shaking her stuff it in her drop-dead gorgeous dress, guests twirling and whirling and some funky moves from the boys in the band, all set in an absolutely beautiful tipi tent! We really have the best job in the world!

Massive congratulations Ted and Sara - thank you for partying with us on your special day! We hope you've had the most wonderful Honeymoon in Bali and we can't wait to see the pictures of your wedding day when you come back!

WEDDING ADVICE: A little tip for all you lovely Brides and Grooms out there who have booked Taylormade Live Band - don't be shy, be sure to come and party with us on the night!

Your guests will generally do what you do, so if you prop up the bar all night, or spend the evening in a different room to the live band, then your friends and family may not feel inclined to hit the dance floor, which is a real shame.

However, if you shake it off and get on down like Ted and Sara did on their wedding day, moving and shaking, bopping and dropping - well the video speaks for itself! You'll have a packed dance floor and a wedding that no-one will ever forget!

You'll also get the best out of the live band too, after all, if you and your guests are giving it large to us then we'll just have to bring it back to you ten fold! :-)

Love, Carley, Matt and the boys xx