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Hi everyone. I hope you had a fantastic Easter in the sunshine!

It’s been quite a while since I wrote a blog on here but I wanted to write this one today as something got me all fired me up!

We’ve been looking for a videographer to film a new 4 Piece Live Band video, so I’ve had to watch a lot of band videos over the last few weeks!

One of the biggest things that annoys me when it comes to wedding entertainment is that I see and hear SO many other bands and musicians cheating on their demos and videos.

There are extra backing vocals, extra instrumentation, autotune, extra samples, overdubs, backing tracks, I mean I could go on and on. All of this is from bands who claim their demos/videos are completely live!

For example, are there extra backing vocals when there is only 1 person is singing? Can you hear piano or saxophone when the band doesn’t have this is their line up?  Can you hear samples or sounds that are not being made by anyone in the band? This is when the alarm bells need to start ringing!

You may wonder why this is such a big thing after all Spotify is full of artists with overproduced tracks, loads of vocals and it’s no secret that some big artists use autotune.

But, when it comes to hitting the stage and performing the track live on the night of your wedding, there’s just no possible way that these bands can replicate what they did in the studio.

Meaning what you get on the night of their performance is hugely different to the sound you heard when you booked them, based on their carefully crafted and polished studio recordings.

That’s just not right! Taylormade are passionate about making your night an incredible one you’ll never forget, not just to ‘take the money and run’.

That’s why all of our Taylormade videos and recordings have been made 100% live. With no studio tricks, overdubs, extra instrumentation, and absolutely NO AUTOTUNE!

That’s another reason why we offer our public showcases so you can come along and see and hear us 100% live before you book because we have nothing to hide.

So, next time you watch a video or listen to demos think about whether what you’re seeing matches up with what you’re hearing.

I really hope the advice above will save you a lot of disappointment on your wedding day.

Carley x