Why we're different...

We believe it's really important for you to know how the band you book will look and sound on your wedding day.

That's why we have made a selection of live recordings (without studio 'tweaks' and absolutely no auto tune!) and our ‘Taylormade Live In Session’  video which is 100% live - raw and un-tweaked! This was taken by Alive Network at their recording studio in The Midlands.

We've also included our wedding promo video for our Acoustic Duo, so you can see just how we'll add a stunning soundtrack to your wedding ceremony or drinks reception during the daytime aswell. This video was taken at the gorgeous Crockwell Farm Wedding Venue in Northamptonshire by Jonathan Ruffle at Fresh Wed Videos.

Sure, we could have made a video with loads of overdubs, put in extra instrumentation and lots of over the top studio production but that wouldn’t be what you’d get on the night - and that just wouldn’t be fair to you.

So these videos show you why we are one of the leading Live Bands for weddings across Northamptonshire, the Midlands and the UK.

 Once you've watched these videos, why not come and see us playing live for yourself at one of our regular 'Showcase Events'. We’re very proud of our live sound and they are also a great chance to say 'hello' in person and chat with us all about your wedding or event.  

Like what you’ve seen? Please get in touch here.