Why we're different...

We believe it's really important for you to know how the band you book will sound on your wedding day.

That's why we made a selection of live recordings (without studio 'tweaks') along with these 2 videos.  The first lets you know why we are the leading Live Band for weddings across Northamptonshire, the Midlands and the UK.

The next video is taken from a recent band rehearsal.  Just a camera in a room!  Raw and un-tweaked!

So rather than create a glossy mime-along video to dazzle you, instead we think it's much more useful to invite you to come and see us play live for yourself at one of our regular 'Showcase Events'. They are also a great chance to say 'hello' in person and talk with us about your big day.  

It's not essential though, just an option - you can hear more of our demos by clicking on the button below:

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