So, you've booked Taylormade for your Wedding!  What happens next?

We are so excited that we are going to be a part of your most cherished day! Here are a few tips we've put together to help with your planning, along with timescales of when to expect this. We've tried to be as thorough as possible and therefore some of this may not apply to your particular Wedding or Venue. If there is anything we have not covered here, please let us know.

Is there anything I need to do right now?...  

Unless your Wedding is within the next 3 months, there is nothing immediate you need to worry about!  However, during your planning, please consider the following and let us know if you have any questions at all:

  • We will require 3 parking spaces at the venue and we will need to park as close to the performance area as possible as we have a lot of heavy equipment. Being able to back our vehicles up to a door right next to the performance area would be ideal, but please let us know if this is not possible as we may need to arrive earlier if there is a particularly lengthy load-in required. Therefore, please let us know if we will need to negotiate any stairs, lifts or distances longer than around 25ft. This is really helpful, thank you.

  • Please don't forget to add your suppliers to the list for the caterers. For Photographers, Videographers, Wedding Planners and Musicians it can be a very long day, so we will need some food and refreshments to keep our energy levels up. If Taylormade Acoustic Dup are present on the day,  then we do request a hot meal in between our sets and a supply of soft drinks please. If Taylormade Live Band is present during the evening, then access to the evening food for all 4 band members and a supply of soft drinks would be very much appreciated. This can be in the form of a tab at the bar, or if the bar is particularly expensive, then we are very happy to be supplied with plenty of bottles of water, fruit juices and soft drinks bought from the local supermarket and passed onto us when we arrive. This should save you any significant additional cost compared to the bar, keeping costs to a minimum for you.

What do I need to do closer to my Wedding Day?...

  • Around 3 months before the Wedding you should receive your timeline of the day from your venue.  Please send us a copy as soon as you receive this and we will take a look and make any recommendations needed. These recommendations will be based on our set up times, logistics and our professional experience from the 10 years we have played at weddings with Taylormade. All of this will help things run as smoothly as possible on the day.

When planning your timeline, please remember the following:

  • Taylormade 4 Piece Live Band needs a minimum of one hour and sometimes up to an hour and a half to set up, depending on how easily we can get our equipment loaded into the wedding venue. The time is used to set up, conduct a full sound check and ensure the absolute best sound for your venue.  After all there's nothing worse than a Live Band that is too loud or even too quiet on the big day! 
  • If you would like us to arrive more than an hour and a half before a Taylormade Live Band performance, we do offer an 'Early Set Up Service', charged hourly to cover our time.  This is not necessary at 99% of the weddings or events we perform at, however please ask us for details if this is required.
  • It's worth mentioning that Taylormade Live Wedding Band need at least an hour to set down. Therefore the latest the last set should finish is 11.00pm and we will continue the night with the DJ until 12.00am. We can extend the timings of both the Live Wedding Band and DJ by request though, so please let us know at the time of booking.
  • By the way, we recommend having just a short break between the Live Band sets, approximately 30 - 45 minutes, to keep the evening flowing and everyone on the dance floor! We also recommend having the evening buffet between the Live Wedding Band sets as otherwise guests leaving the dance floor to queue for food, eat and chat etc, would mean you lose the impact of the Live Band performance.

Is there any else I should consider?...

  • As we are constantly adding new songs to our set lists, we recommend you wait until around 8 weeks before the big day to start choosing your songs as you will then have access to our most up to date lists. Our Wedding Band Set List can be found here. 

  • Please keep in mind we need a minimum of 4 weeks notice of your song choices, especially if there is a song you would like us to learn for your First Dance. Please give us as much time as possible, as we want your special song to be absolutely perfect.

That's it! We promise there are no divas in Taylormade but we do want your day to run as smoothly as possible. We hope the above helps you to understand what we need to be as efficient and seamless as we can for you.

 As always, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask! We can't wait to be a part of your special day!